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BRAND IDENTIFICATION - We carry all the best lines and a wide selection

Shaw's Athletics is your local One Stop Shoe Source offering professional fit and doctor recommended comfort shoes. For any of your special needs "Doctor Shaw" is there to assist you in getting the perfect comfort shoe.

We carry a wide variety of accessories for your
running, tennis, walking, and other athletic and
casual adventures. Some of these products include:
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pepper spray

Speed Laces iBUNGEE System
shoe products

Watches Sunglasses Fuel Belt Products
Accessories Do Make A Performance Difference
Play/Run/Walk With Our Tried-n-True Accessories
Tested and Proven To Be The Best In Every Category

Many links available on our web site to show all the many services and brands we carry to suit any special needs you may have.

Shaw From and his staff are eager to serve you. We also ship any where in the United States. Just Call 850 893-5597 with any questions.

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We Carry A Wide Variety Of Products For Kids
From Clothes To Shoes To Rackets And Even
Apparel In The Following Brands:
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We are the favorite recommendation of medical professional's especially pediatric ones because we exclusively carry shoes that kids like but actually fit and support them properly! Only Shaw's carries shoes and affordable kids of orthotics to prevent or relieve common issues with young growing children and teens such as:

Severs condition
Patella/ Knee pain
Geru Valgum
Flat foot/pes planus
Shin splints

The New Vasyli Walking Shoes - The Only Flip Flop your Doctor will Recommend

Check The Vasyli Page For More Information Including

The New Vasyli Walking Shoes!

"The only Flip Flop your Doctor will recommend"

Great comfort and support at home, in the summer and on holidays!

>With built-in orthotic
>Rubber outsole
>EVA midsole

Effective relief from heel pain, knee pain, back pain, aching legs.

Available in sizes women’s 5 to men’s 13

See more HERE

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Convenient Location in Tallahassee

Shaw's Athletics

1415 Timberlane Road
Tallahassee, FL 32312

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(850) 893-5597‎


The Vasyli sandals are the best sandals I have ever had without a doubt. I have never had a sandal that gives me as much or more support than my court shoes. If you love to wear sandals or live in warmer climates, you have to own a pair of these. When I need a pair, I just call Shaw!
-Keith From
The best thing about Shaw's Athletics for me was the customer service. I am training for a marathon and needed to get some great running shoes. This is the place to do it. They watch you walk and tell you exactly what shoes would help you the most. The are honest and don't just recommend the most expensive shoe either. Where else can you find this great service and help?
-Selena B.
Jacksonville, FL, 32234
Before going to Shaw's my feet were in tremendous pain when I ran and after. I went to another shoe store in Tallahassee and they "professionally" measured my feet. The shoes that I bought were okay while in the store but after wearing them, along with the orthotics thay gave me for a month, my feet began to hurt more.

Shaw took care of it. As an aspiring national competing athlete, I need running shoes that are comfortable and supportive. Shaw's Athletic's provided that. A great experience. Thanks Shaw and Kyle!
Shaw saved me from having surgery. I ruined my feet wearing very expensive shoes while working in London--shoes I purchared at an up-scale walking shoe shop. I developed extremely painful bunions on the outside of both feet. Upon retuirning to the States, a surgeon in Tallahassee insisted that I needed surgery. Thankfully I became impatient with two hour waits to see this surgeon, and decided to try Shaw's. My feet are fine now! Thank you Shaw for your expertise and for carrying the products I needed in order to recover. You rock!

-Michael Richey
Fast and reliable re-stringing of racquets. Great selection of all athletic gear for all major sports. Staff is very friendly, professional and helpful at finding what you need. Prices are on par with other athletic stores, but I'd rather go somewhere that treats me good even if I have to pay a little more.

Everyday Comfort

Examine the rows of shoes stacked inside your closet. If you’re a woman, you likely have an assortment of multicolored pumps, heels and even wobbly stilettos. Stiff loafers and uncompromising dress shoes litter the floor for most men. Congratulate yourself if your running or tennis shoes have been correctly fitted to your feet, but think for a moment about the rest.
If we spend the majority of our time in footwear that’s not sports-related, doesn’t it make sense that they should fit properly as well?
Shaw of Shaw’s Athletics answers a vehement ‘yes’ to that question. To ensure proper alignment and support, he advises clients to choose everyday shoes wisely. Unlike other sports equipment providers whose advice is limited to a specific activity, Shaw and his professional staff eliminate the need to travel anywhere else for the correct fit. He’s spent years helping people discover the right shoes for every occasion. Find a great pair in the store or bring your own; they’ll match orthotics for any shoe.
“I understand how the feet work in relation to the body,” says Shaw, who is a certified pedorthist. “I can literally make any shoe fit better, whether you need it to go about your daily life in comfort or run a marathon.”

Unlike most podiatrists or pedorthists who feature a small selection of clunky, unattractive models, Shaw stocks attractive, top-of-the-line shoes in such brands as Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Ryka, Taos and Nike. Stop in today and literally get off on the right foot every time you open the closet to slip on a pair of shoes.

Tallahassee's Most Professional Athletic Shoe Source



Runners, Shaw’s Athletics know what your heavenly Mecca looks like. Its row after row of premium shoes with names like Brooks, New Balance, Asics, Nike, Saucony and more. It’s a qualified Shoefitter with a background in both shoe design and medicine who’s eager to help you and has the ability to match your footwear, meeting your individual needs and preferences. – whether you’re a pronator, supinator or flat-footed phenom.
Here at Shaw’s, we’ve created that mecca. We understand that in between interval workouts, long runs and the occasional race, your feet may decide to protest. They scream in their own silent way: plantar fascitis becomes a painful heal problem then they Hammertoes begin to form. Biomechanical issues keep you from heading out the door.
Don’t spend months in recovery or wasting time and money by guessing on pair after pair of shoes before you find a match. Visit Shaw’s and get back on the roads. We raise the footwear search to the medical level, taking into consideration a host of factors before we suggest a shoe. All our orthotics are medical-grade and Shaw stocks only the “cream of the crop” of the footwear market. He should know, after all – he’s an elite dealer who has input in many new models’ design.
No matter your foot issue, we’ll help you improve your gait and lessen discomfort. We stand by our company motto “Get Fit Right” we quickly assess your needs and match you with the correct shoes and orthotics. We believe that for runners, personalized fit is crucial.
Treat your feet and visit Shaw’s Athletics. You’ll thank us after every run.

Not Your Typical Shoe Store

Shaws Athletics is not your typical sort of shop. This store features more than just attire and shoes. Yes, premium apparel and tennis equipment line up the walls. But in the middle of rackets and strings or walking shoes and cleats, you’ll find Shaw or one of his staff bent over the feet of a grateful customer selecting the right orthotic for a perfect biomechanical fit. As the pedorthist in residence, Shaw uses medical training and more than thirty years of footwear experience to find the perfect fit for his clients.

The ability to utilize medical- grade over the counter orthotics that provide individualized support has helped Shaw carve a niche in the sports market with a new level of professionalism in fit. The store’s shoe/orthotic bent is unique to the state of Florida, and some of Shaw’s clients drive miles of even fly to visit. Daily he sees the regulars who trust him to align every shoe they plan to wear- from pumps to trainers. He and his specially trained staff have helped numerous athletics correct biomechanical problems, eliminating pain, preventing injuries and improving performance. However, they also do the same for all, from the average individual, to the disabled, helping everyone live a more protected, comfortable and healthier life.
There’s a reason why Shaw’s is the prescription referral center for all the doctors and medical professionals in the area. “I bring a level of medical expertise instantly to the general public,’ he says explaining the stores appeal to both doctors and customers. “ I know that each case is different and my staff and I are able to correct there problems. For the severe cases requiring further medical attention, Shaw refers his clients to the appropriate podiatrist, orthopedist, chiropractor, ect… Likewise doctors write prescriptions daily to Shaw’s.

So if you have a biomechanical issue or wish to ensure you never get one, have tired feet or simply want to browse an extensive shoe and equipment selection, visit Shaw’s where a footwear expert who once helped Nike with shoe design, gets you fitted from head to toe. Prepare to walk on a cloud!