Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BRAND IDENTIFICATION - We carry all the best lines and a wide selection

Shaw's Athletics is your local One Stop Shoe Source offering professional fit and doctor recommended comfort shoes. For any of your special needs "Doctor Shaw" is there to assist you in getting the perfect comfort shoe.

We carry a wide variety of accessories for your
running, tennis, walking, and other athletic and
casual adventures. Some of these products include:
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pepper spray

Speed Laces iBUNGEE System
shoe products

Watches Sunglasses Fuel Belt Products
Accessories Do Make A Performance Difference
Play/Run/Walk With Our Tried-n-True Accessories
Tested and Proven To Be The Best In Every Category

Many links available on our web site to show all the many services and brands we carry to suit any special needs you may have.

Shaw From and his staff are eager to serve you. We also ship any where in the United States. Just Call 850 893-5597 with any questions.

Our main web site is:

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