Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not Your Typical Shoe Store

Shaws Athletics is not your typical sort of shop. This store features more than just attire and shoes. Yes, premium apparel and tennis equipment line up the walls. But in the middle of rackets and strings or walking shoes and cleats, you’ll find Shaw or one of his staff bent over the feet of a grateful customer selecting the right orthotic for a perfect biomechanical fit. As the pedorthist in residence, Shaw uses medical training and more than thirty years of footwear experience to find the perfect fit for his clients.

The ability to utilize medical- grade over the counter orthotics that provide individualized support has helped Shaw carve a niche in the sports market with a new level of professionalism in fit. The store’s shoe/orthotic bent is unique to the state of Florida, and some of Shaw’s clients drive miles of even fly to visit. Daily he sees the regulars who trust him to align every shoe they plan to wear- from pumps to trainers. He and his specially trained staff have helped numerous athletics correct biomechanical problems, eliminating pain, preventing injuries and improving performance. However, they also do the same for all, from the average individual, to the disabled, helping everyone live a more protected, comfortable and healthier life.
There’s a reason why Shaw’s is the prescription referral center for all the doctors and medical professionals in the area. “I bring a level of medical expertise instantly to the general public,’ he says explaining the stores appeal to both doctors and customers. “ I know that each case is different and my staff and I are able to correct there problems. For the severe cases requiring further medical attention, Shaw refers his clients to the appropriate podiatrist, orthopedist, chiropractor, ect… Likewise doctors write prescriptions daily to Shaw’s.

So if you have a biomechanical issue or wish to ensure you never get one, have tired feet or simply want to browse an extensive shoe and equipment selection, visit Shaw’s where a footwear expert who once helped Nike with shoe design, gets you fitted from head to toe. Prepare to walk on a cloud!

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