Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The Vasyli sandals are the best sandals I have ever had without a doubt. I have never had a sandal that gives me as much or more support than my court shoes. If you love to wear sandals or live in warmer climates, you have to own a pair of these. When I need a pair, I just call Shaw!
-Keith From
The best thing about Shaw's Athletics for me was the customer service. I am training for a marathon and needed to get some great running shoes. This is the place to do it. They watch you walk and tell you exactly what shoes would help you the most. The are honest and don't just recommend the most expensive shoe either. Where else can you find this great service and help?
-Selena B.
Jacksonville, FL, 32234
Before going to Shaw's my feet were in tremendous pain when I ran and after. I went to another shoe store in Tallahassee and they "professionally" measured my feet. The shoes that I bought were okay while in the store but after wearing them, along with the orthotics thay gave me for a month, my feet began to hurt more.

Shaw took care of it. As an aspiring national competing athlete, I need running shoes that are comfortable and supportive. Shaw's Athletic's provided that. A great experience. Thanks Shaw and Kyle!
Shaw saved me from having surgery. I ruined my feet wearing very expensive shoes while working in London--shoes I purchared at an up-scale walking shoe shop. I developed extremely painful bunions on the outside of both feet. Upon retuirning to the States, a surgeon in Tallahassee insisted that I needed surgery. Thankfully I became impatient with two hour waits to see this surgeon, and decided to try Shaw's. My feet are fine now! Thank you Shaw for your expertise and for carrying the products I needed in order to recover. You rock!

-Michael Richey
Fast and reliable re-stringing of racquets. Great selection of all athletic gear for all major sports. Staff is very friendly, professional and helpful at finding what you need. Prices are on par with other athletic stores, but I'd rather go somewhere that treats me good even if I have to pay a little more.

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