Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everyday Comfort

Examine the rows of shoes stacked inside your closet. If you’re a woman, you likely have an assortment of multicolored pumps, heels and even wobbly stilettos. Stiff loafers and uncompromising dress shoes litter the floor for most men. Congratulate yourself if your running or tennis shoes have been correctly fitted to your feet, but think for a moment about the rest.
If we spend the majority of our time in footwear that’s not sports-related, doesn’t it make sense that they should fit properly as well?
Shaw of Shaw’s Athletics answers a vehement ‘yes’ to that question. To ensure proper alignment and support, he advises clients to choose everyday shoes wisely. Unlike other sports equipment providers whose advice is limited to a specific activity, Shaw and his professional staff eliminate the need to travel anywhere else for the correct fit. He’s spent years helping people discover the right shoes for every occasion. Find a great pair in the store or bring your own; they’ll match orthotics for any shoe.
“I understand how the feet work in relation to the body,” says Shaw, who is a certified pedorthist. “I can literally make any shoe fit better, whether you need it to go about your daily life in comfort or run a marathon.”

Unlike most podiatrists or pedorthists who feature a small selection of clunky, unattractive models, Shaw stocks attractive, top-of-the-line shoes in such brands as Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Ryka, Taos and Nike. Stop in today and literally get off on the right foot every time you open the closet to slip on a pair of shoes.

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